Strawberry Sour Diesel –
Feminized ♀ 6 Pack


Strawberry Sour Diesel from The Devil Harvest Original is a fierce fusion between Sour Diesel and a unique phenotype of a Strawberry Cough.   This produces a strong taste which is an even marriage between the citrus flavours and the distinctive Sour Diesel which tells you straight away that you’re smoking on an indica.  With our Strawberry Sour Diesel, the results are often incredibly colourful and high yielding.  Growers love this classic plant with dream characteristics – beautiful buds, high yields and an early finisher – what’s not to like?! Great plant and bud structure make the plant remarkably easy to manipulate.  This makes Strawberry Sour Diesel very easy to fill a space with.  It is also perfect for a Sea of Green growing method. Strawberry Sour Diesel produces dank buds


Strawberry Sour Diesel is one of my most popular strains (SSD) This strain is a cross of Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough and Sour Diesel, it has a strong taste and distinctive Sour Diesel flavour with a sweetness 

This is a good strain for starters and experienced growers will have great results, it makes beautiful buds with excellent returns on yields and will finish in a 8 week flower cycle, you can not go wrong with this strain and it will be among a favourite for so many stoners 

This was one of my original strains that is still been discovered by smokers and growers Strawberry Sour Diesel is recognised a major contender as its unique fuel flavour it produces, it can take the community by storm and the unique colour of the buds and the flavour mean that people take one look / whiff and snap it up.

For the growers this strain works well in all environments and can give great results in a short flowering time it works well indoors and outside. Its mold resistant and it a strong plant, she will out out a lot of resin also making this genetic brilliant for hash lovers as returns are high with rich colours 

The buds are solid and lots of sticky resin so end results are dense tight bud structure having a sweet terpene Sour Diesel 


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Feminized ♀ 6 Pack”

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