Shore Thing –
Feminized ♀ 6 Pack


new strain coming 420


Shoreline x Zkittles

These two champion strains had to be combined to create one of the most terpy flavour buds that can be found today. This was meant to be, a perfect match of rich flavour that ooze resin glands.

This strain requires work in the early stage to get the plants to do its best it needs a good vegetive growth as this is a short strain that has a fast flowering cycle, topping is recommend and better results can be achieved. in the late stage of flower the buds may need more support as the fill up with a lot of resin.

its complex colours and unique aroma with bring joy and can be on top of the list of head stash. this stain is going to make big impressions on connoisseurs and occasional smokers as this is a strain of flavour and not a strong high so all can enjoy


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Feminized ♀ 6 Pack”

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