Some Say The Devil Is Dead!

DevilsHarvest seeds was the start now DevilHarvest Original is taken over

Our Story

Devils Harvest Seeds came many years ago which had seen success and won awards across the cannabis industry. At that time they made an impact on the Amsterdam scene with strains such as Casey Jones, Strawberry sour Diesel, Kuchi, OG Reekn, Rollex OG and of course Shoreline.

The breeder Dara had taken time to travel and see the California cannabis movement legalisation  and see the new strains being developed and now have a strong presents today such as Cookies and Zkittles. 

While back in Amsterdam Dara took a new direction and found time to make the seeds and needed to test the strains also working on future genetics. In finding this new direction there has being a separation from the Devils Harvest seeds which allows Dara to keep his goal of preserving and enriching the strains that have and are developed.

Shoreline is the prize strain that has driven ambition and obsession. This rare genetic may have got lost! Dara made it his mission to keep the strain alive. Other’s like the Rollex OG have still a place on the top of the Amsterdam coffeeshops 

Now a new start will allow the original strains to continue and perhaps find the people who loved these original terpenes and award winning flavours. It all starts from a seed

My desire is to have the best Cannabis that can be found and someday make my Cannabis Castle
Founder, Owner
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